art piece creation

“This is Bittin’s mission: To use art as a vehicle to help people with brain injury grow through it. To use their own experiences, to write and tell their story of growth. Working to grow through it the group emerges with a new sense of accomplishment, of feeling connected, of pride. Growing Through It, a wonderful service, a great program.”
– Dr. George Zitney, Former CEO, Brain Injury Association National

Growing Through It combines creative healing methods with modern science and nutrition, attitude, and exercise.

The GTI Art Workshop method stands strong and has nearly two decades of success behind it. Participants explore their emotional experiences in words and images to co-create a three-dimensional, story-laden, acrylic collage on hardboard. Workshop Seminars train professionals to lead this type of workshop with their own clientèle. Members learn to know themselves better in the context of others, thus facilitating easier re-integration into society and ability to participate as contributing community members.

Although GTI services are designed by and for people with TBI, all GTI services are appropriate and applicable to any individual or group of people. The GTI workshop has been conducted with people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities, with juvenile offenders and alternative High School students.  Please imagine your specific population as recipients for each GTI service.

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