Colorado Head Injury Experience – An artistic expression of life with brain injury

September 1993

Media: Two panel, three-dimensional, text-laden painted collage on masonite, dimensions not known
Venue: CHIF Un-Conference
Location: Empire, Colorado


Workshop 1 - Colorado head injury experience art pieceParticipating Artists
Artists, Writers, Poets, Creative Thinkers and Builders:
Un-documented members of the 1993 Un-Conference

Art Piece Story
This is the first art piece created as I was discovering if a workshop would flow in ways that would meet people’s needs. I was inspired by the passion of expression I witnessed in most participants. Since this time, people from around the country have participated in over fifty workshops.

Participants’ Stories: Unfortunately, no stories are available for this workshop. Please see most all other workshop pages to read people’s stories.

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